International Regulatory Guide

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The International Food Regulatory Guide is a one-stop reference guide to food legislation in the following countries:

  • Australia & New Zealand

  • Canada

  • Japan

  • South Africa

  • USA


  • All the relevant food legislation that applies to six international markets

  • A summary of the process and organisation of the legislation in each country

  • Information on the permitted use of food additives in foodstuffs

  • Summaries of compositional standards and specific labelling requirements for non-alcoholic beverages and confectionery

  • Information on general labelling requirements for each country

  * excludes alcoholic beverages and foods for particular nutritional uses


  • The International Guide has been compiled by our team of native language speakers who have had direct experience in these markets and can give interpretation and guidance based on local knowledge

  • A one-stop reference tool for all aspects of International food legislation, eliminating the need to search multiple documents

  • Easy to read summaries of current provisions in International markets

  • Reference to forthcoming legislation to allow for future planning

  • Easy to navigate, user friendly on-line access to minimise the time required to reach decisions

  • Updated regularly so that decisions can be based on the latest information

  • Updates are included in the annual subscription so that the Guide remains relevant throughout the subscription period

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(or view the European Regulatory Guide)