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The On Line European Food Regulatory Guide is a one-stop reference tool for food legislation at EU level as well as for specific requirements within all 28 Member States and is being updated as a consequence of the Food Information for Consumers Regulation  As well as giving background information on the framework and processes it simplifies the task of finding all the relevant provisions for particular foods.


  • A clear description of the EU legislative organisations and their functions

  • Explanations of Directives, Decisions and Regulations

  • Summaries of the EU legislative process, the principles of free movement of foodstuffs and the general principles of food law and the European Food Safety Authority

  • Detailed provisions of the Directives and Regulations, including those on specific food commodities, additives, labelling, nutrition and health claims, quantity control, irradiation, contaminants, hygiene requirements and food contact materials

  • Information on proposed amendments and new legislation

  • Information on Regulations, Directives and other instruments of EU legislation that apply to specific food categories (so-called "vertical" legislation).

    Member State Level

  • A summary of the organisation of the legislation in each EU Member State

  • Information on general labelling requirements in each EU Member State

  • Information on permitted use of food additives in food *

  • A summary of the compositional standards and specific labelling requirements for non-alcoholic beverages and confectionery



  • A one-stop reference tool for key aspects of European food legislation, eliminating the need to search multiple documents

  • Easy to read summaries of current provisions in all 28 EU Member States Easy to navigate, user friendly on-line access to minimise the time required to reach decisions

  • Updated regularly so that decisions can be based on the latest information

  • Updates are included in the annual subscription so that the Guide remains relevant throughout the subscription period

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